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Perfect Touch Beauty was created with extraordinary beauty in mind. I specialize in Gels, Acrylics, Silk Wraps, Natural Nails, Pedicures, Glitter Toes and Gel Polish are my area of expertise. Plus, I offer permanent makeup & advanced training for licensed nail technicians. ALL to provide excellent, creative looks for YOU.

At Perfect Touch Beauty, I offer superior product and feature all the new glitters and latest artwork trends.
Most other nail salons still use MMA when their acrylics are applied. MMA stands for Methyl Methacrylate Monomer. It is compound that was created as something to be used in a dental office – to create fake teeth and crowns. It is also used in industrial applications such as holding concrete together and to glue tiles to cement floors. Many women have suffered allergic reactions and major trauma to their own, natural nails because of MMA. Instead of MMA, we use EMA because it creates a more flexible acrylic that is less likely to cause damage because it doesn’t penetrate the nail plate and is far less likely to cause allergic reactions.

So, if you go into another salon and they offering really amazing prices for acrylics, beware! Chances are they are using MMA. MMA is approximately $15 for a gallon where as EMA goes for about $200. So, if you walk into a salon and you are overpowered by the smell – that is another great indication that MMA is still being used.The vapors from MMA can affect your lungs, brain and nervous system (if exposed to it often enough), that’s why lots of techs are seen wearing masks, but unfortunately, a little paper mask is not going to prevent vapors from being inhaled and going into their lungs. The masks just keep the dust out and most client do not wear masks while being serviced!

Don’t believe what we’re saying?
Check out this video showing what MMA can do...

I take pride in our non-MMA products and cleanliness! I make sure our buffers are thrown out after use and drill bits are replaced and/or disinfected between each client’s service.

So, what would you prefer dangerous chemicals, ruined nails and damage? Or high quality, hypoallergenic product, clean equipment, latest trends and knowledge.

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“WHy have ordinary? when you can have Extraordinary?”